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The Performance Apparel Design Lab is a group of researchers at Cornell University working on developing wearable solutions and studying functional garments, with a focus on inclusive design approaches.

News & Media


Professor Park has received the Community-Engaged Practice & Innovation Award from the Einhorn Center for creative, innovative community engagement.


Research & Design

CNY Central is airing the story on the work of Prof. Park and Tulasi Elangovan (M.A. ’23), a former lab member, with the Cornell hockey team to develop better chest protection for female athletes on their NBC and CBS affiliates.


Design Tech

Introducing the Department of Design Tech at Cornell University - a multicollege, transdisciplinary initiative pioneering innovation, research, and teaching on topics at the intersection of design and emerging technology.

  • Jo, J. &J Park, H*. (2021, under review). Fit of Fire Boots: Exploring Internal Morphology Using Computed Tomography Scan, International Journal of Clothing Science & Technology (Scopus Impact factor: 1.4).

  • Jo, J. Sokolowski, S., McQuerry, M., Griffin, L., & Park, H*. (2021, under review). Foot of Firefighters: Difference by Sex and Weight Bearing, Applied Ergonomics (Impact factor: 3.661).

  • Guria, S. & Park, H. (2021, under review). Evaluating Seam Types Used in Coveralls for Greenhouse Pesticide Applicators, Family and Consumer Science Research Journal. (Impact factor: 1.02).

  • Du Puis, J., Goodge, K., Forstenhausler, L., Maher, M., Frey, M., Baytar, F., & Park, H. (2021, In revision). Cloth Face Mask Fit and Functionality for Children 4-6 Years Old, Fashion and Textiles (Impact factor: 1.12).

If you are a graduate student or postdoc and are interested in joining our team, please get in touch with us at

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