FSAD2660 Activewear Design and Development

Students explore the product development process for activewear. Designers and product developers need knowledge of the industry to successfully bring their designs to life within the context of modern apparel production and distribution systems. In this course, students investigate 1) Distinctive characteristics of activewear design and construction methods, 2) Ergonomic approach to activewear design based on an understanding of human performance, and environmental challenges 3) Technical concepts and communication processes that facilitate product development, and 4) The process of product development in the apparel industry today.

Student designer: Lauren Forstenhausler and Audrey Perlman
Accepted for the 2020 ITAA Design Competition
Student designer: Lauren Forstenhausler
Accepted for the 2020 ITAA Design Competition
Student designer: Ryan Platt
Accepted for the 2019 ITAA Design Competition
Student designers: Katie Williams and Olivia Friedman
Student designers: Michelle Park and Tory Lynch
Student designer: Dale Kinney
Student designer: Lesley Young
Accepted for the 2013 ITAA Design Competition