FSAD6900 Functional Apparel Design

Students learn 1) the needs and functions of the human body that interact with clothing in environmental challenges, 2) the analytical approach to identifying consumers’ needs for the protection, mobility, and thermal comfort of clothing systems, 3) the dynamics of heat, moisture transfer, and physical properties of textiles and clothing systems based on sweating thermal manikin technologies, 4) a scientific approach toward prototype design development and evaluation using the latest human performance simulation technologies, and 5) the bio-mechanic approach to evaluating mobility of clothing systems based on 3D motion analysis.


Team project: Redesigning the Athletic Hijab

Student researchers: Sophia Fischbein, Leah Cernauskas, Audrey Perlman and Shivani Chitturi

Team project: Improving the fit of female firefighter turnout gear: Suspenders
Student researchers: Jenny Leigh Du Puis, Margaret Dunne, Haley Smith, and Ziyun Zhang
Team project: Redesigning Women’s Bike Shorts
Student researchers: Jamie Zipper, JeyeoenJo, Youngsook Kim, Darin Gillenwaterand Cindy Arroyo
Team project: Redesigning prison uniform
Student researchers: Julia DeNey, Ryan Platt, Erica Holt, and Stephanie Laginestra