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BLInG: Beads-Laden Interactive Garment

This design work introduces on-body beaded electronics for enhanced aesthetics in wearable technology by reflecting fashion trends. The seamless integration of visually unappealing wires and electronic components into the body surface has always been an issue in the development of on-body interfaces. In this paper, we develop methods for incorporating digital electronics into fashion design and show aesthetic and functional on-body interfaces based on traditional beading techniques. Conductive threads/elastomers, copper wires, and a shape memory alloy work as supporting components to create beaded net fashion items. Also, we explore boundaries of the integration of small electronic components such as an LED, a metal bead, and an NFC chip, as one of the beads in the system. Finally, we discuss diverse challenges and opportunities of multimodal interactions in beaded electronics in the context of wearable computing.


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